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We offer a wide range of comprehensive foreign currency exchange solutions that cater to the different foreign currency requirements of our customers. These solutions include simple and effortless currency exchange at competitive rates and our multicurrency prepaid travel card that gives customers a seamless and secure way to carry money in a foreign country.

You can trust us with your foreign currency needs when you travel abroad - be it for leisure, business, education or any other purpose. We buy and sell all major currencies, and provide attractive exchange rates for consumers and corporates who benefit from our great deals.

To know the latest exchange rates, chat with Zoey, our virtual assistant available 24x7 on our website and Facebook page. For more information, you can walk into any UAE Exchange branch or contact our Customer Care on 600-555-550 or email

Foreign Currency Exchange

Exchange Rates Multicurrency Card

Get the most competitive exchange rates at UAE Exchange .Please contact your nearest branch or call our Customer Care team or send us an email at to get the best rates. You can also chat with Zoey, our virtual assistant for assistance.

The rates are indicative and may vary or change without any prior notice. You are advised to seek information on the updated and latest rates before any transaction of whatsoever nature.

The freedom to travel without the fear of fluctuating currency exchange rates, overspending, theft or fraud is a dream for every traveller.

We deliver on that dream and more with the first-of-its-kind multicurrency prepaid travel card in the region, launched by UAE Exchange over six years ago. Currently, we are the largest issuer of prepaid cards in the UAE, preferred by travellers and on-the-move customers.

Providing exceptional value, convenience and a frictionless experience, our multicurrency travel card is an effective expense management and budget control tool when compared to credit and debit cards that levy steep international usage charges.

Cardholders can choose from a bouquet of 16 available currencies on a single card as it enables smooth transitions from one currency to another. The card can be reloaded any number of times up to the set limit.

In addition to guaranteeing the best foreign currency exchange rates, our multicurrency prepaid travel card also offers a currency exchange rate-lock facility. This allows customers to take advantage of currency volatility and be protected against rate fluctuations or high mark-up charges.

The Mastercard-enabled card is accepted at ATMs and merchant locations worldwide as well as on ecommerce sites, and has the latest Chip and PIN technology which further protects customers against counterfeiting and card fraud.

Currently, UAE Exchange's multicurrency card has four variants:

  • Multicurrency Prepaid Travel Card
  • Multicurrency Platinum Travel Card
  • gocash Sony PlayStation Card
  • gocash cleartrip Card

To get UAE Exchange's multicurrency prepaid travel card or to know details, visit the nearest UAE Exchange branch or call +971-2-635-5625 or email

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